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NDT & Quality Employer FAQ’s:

Working with PQNDT

Working with PQNDT

Why should I consider using PQNDT’s placement services?
Working with experienced recruiters at PQNDT can save you time and conserve your company resources. Finding talented staff is a labor-intensive process that takes valuable time and energy away from your core business.

PQNDT will get to know your company and staffing needs to best represent you in this competitive job market. We won’t waste your time; we’ll give you access to carefully screened, fully qualified job candidates. We’ve had over 40 years in NDT/Quality placement to fine-tune our processes; all you’ll have to do is interview a small number of selected candidates.

What distinguishes PQNDT from other recruiting firms?
PQNDT has been developing successful relationships with thousands of talented professionals and companies since 1967, building a worldwide reputation for excellence and results. Our consultants are intelligent professionals with an exceptional understanding of the NDT and Quality industry.

By working closely with you, we learn about your company, understand what differentiates you in a highly competitive marketplace, and identify only the best candidates for your specific staffing needs. We interview every candidate to ensure a proper fit, offering you only the most qualified professionals available to fill your position.

What areas does PQNDT specialize in?
Our consultants concentrate exclusively on the NDT and Quality career field, giving them an insider's view. We place professionals in the following fields:

  • NDT Level I Technicians
  • NDT Level II Technicians
  • NDT Level III Specialists
  • NDT Engineers
  • NDT Field Supervisors
  • NDT Managers
  • CWI Inspectors
  • API Inspectors
  • Quality Engineers
  • NDT Sales Professionals

What types of placement services can PQNDT offer my company?
Depending on your staffing needs, PQNDT can provide your company with contract, temp-to-hire and permanent placement hiring solutions.

How does PQNDT’s fee structure work?
PQNDT follows a standard contingency search model. You pay a one-time referral fee when you hire a candidate that we present to you. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the first year base salary of the employee. In this way, you pay PQNDT only if we are successful in placing the right candidate.

For contract placements, PQNDT charges an hourly rate and is responsible for paying contractors directly.

How does PQNDT’s temp-to-hire placement service work?
In temp-to-hire situations, the worker starts out as an employee of PQNDT. PQNDT invoices your firm at a mutually pre-determined rate for each hour worked. PQNDT handles all payroll and human resource issues while the worker is considered a temporary employee.
When your company converts the temporary worker to a full-time employee, PQNDT will charge a conversion placement fee. Conversion placement fees are based on a percentage of the employee’s annual salary. Percentages may vary depending on the duration of the worker’s temporary assignment.

Does PQNDT offer different types of permanent placement hiring solutions?

Yes. PQNDT offers both contingency and retained permanent placement hiring solutions.

What’s the difference between a contingency placement fee and a retained placement fee?
Contingency placement fees are charged once PQNDT locates a NDT or Quality professional that you hire.

Retained placement fees are paid in two installments: 1) When the search begins, and 2) once PQNDT locates a NDT or Quality professional that you hire.

Both permanent placements fees are equal to a percentage of an employee’s annual salary.

Is there an advantage to a retained placement hiring solution?
Yes. A retained search sends a positive message to prospective candidates. They understand that your company is willing to invest upfront to attract and hire the industry’s top professionals.

PQNDT is dedicated to making your hiring needs our number one priority, submitting the top talent to your company first.

Does PQNDT guarantee its placements?
Yes. If a person’s employment is terminated within the first 60 days, PQNDT will replace the person for free.

How does PQNDT find candidates?
Based on the job description and desired skills, we recruit and source for specific individuals — targeted to your corporate culture and staffing needs. We find these preferred candidates through several means, including our extensive database.

In addition, we continually attract new candidates through our marketing efforts. We then carefully screen every candidate to ensure that we represent only the most qualified individuals.

We have worked hard to build a reputation for excellence that is unparalleled in our marketplace. That reputation continues to draw even more candidates to our firm and, in turn, your company.


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