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When you have a plan for your career, you're better prepared to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Like Jay, a PQNDT client who recently made a big career move.

An NDT technology company in need of a level III UT MT PT contacted PQNDT for assistance. A careful search of our candidate database brought us to Jay, an NDT pro who we knew would excel in this position. Although we'd had little contact with Jay for months, he greeted our phone call with, "I was just thinking about calling you myself!" - a phrase you love to hear as a recruiter.

It was a good fit with the career plan Jay had created for himself and his family. He had definite goals for income, type of work, and location. When this new opportunity presented itself, Jay recognized it immediately and didn't hesitate to pursue the position.

We arranged for an initial phone conversation between Jay and the company, which went well. But the company had local candidates which they felt, logically, should be considered first. Ultimately, those individuals proved not to be a good fit and the company decided to pursue Jay.

Jay is an outgoing individual with strong skills. We knew it was just a matter of putting him in front of the client. That was all it took - Jay landed the job after being flown out and meeting with the client face-to-face. The company offered a very extensive relocation package and, despite issues surrounding a mortgage and the confusion of the Christmas holidays, Jay made the move.

Jay and his wife worked very hard to make it happen, both driven by the excitement of moving to a new area of the country and by the new career. Jay is doing very well with the new firm, and he, his wife and their daughter are settled in and enjoying their new home.
This is a situation that worked well because it was right for all concerned. Very little "hand holding" was required on our part. Jay had a plan for his career, knew what he wanted and did everything necessary to make it happen.


Larry had over 20 years of experience in Quality Assurance/NDT when he approached us with a single goal in mind - to get home. A native Texan, Larry's career had taken him far and wide. But it was time, he thought, to get back to his family. Currently he was working on a pipeline project in Alaska, about as far from his beloved Texas prairie as he could be.

Larry wasn't willing, however, to jump at the first job offer, sacrificing his comfortable income and interesting work. He asked us to keep an eye open for the right position based on his experience and desire to work closer to home.

Within a few months our search uncovered a job that seemed to fit the bill. A Texas company -just a few hours from Larry's hometown - needed an ASNT Level III UT MT PT. Larry had the certifications and experience necessary. Would there be a good fit?

The company was immediately interested in Larry's resume. Due to the extreme distances involved, we arranged for a series of telephone interviews. Larry and the company hit it off from the beginning - the client and Larry knew each other from industry conferences they had both attended. An offer was made and a deal worked out to relocate Larry and his family home to Texas.

While Larry's career goal was narrow - focusing primarily on location - he was also able to satisfy his need to be well compensated and challenged. A happy ending all around.<

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